Design is creating according to a plan or planning out in the mind to achieve a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is to market a company, sometimes it is to inform an audience, and other times it is to make a product as simple to use as possible. I have designed projects for many uses, organizations, and audiences in both print and online media.

I have maintained corporate brands and created consistent, clear communications including printed marketing collateral, advertising, mailings, websites, blogs, presentations, trade show booths, and promotional campaigns. Additionally, I've created email blast campaigns, web landing pages, social media presences, and training pieces, as well as web application interface designs. I have directed photo shoots and led print projects from the design phase through editing and production including pre-press production and press checks. I've worked with sales teams on presentations and proposals, and I have planned marketing campaigns based on results from market research and media planning information.

Designing for online media is an ever-changing experience as new techniques and technologies continue to emerge. The sites I create and maintain are designed according to best practices for user experience and according to web standards including html and css markup.

Design finds its way into hobbies as well. My current design interests and various projects are also posted at the cyklopsdesign blog. Food is another creative outlet and involves design from the planning of a menu and the execution of each dish to the final presentation. In 2008, the food blog Lisa is Cooking was launched as a way to track the cooking that's inspired by a growing collection of cookbooks, books of food writing, and food publications.